3. developed 4x5 at home for the first time #sycamore #sanfrancisco #trees

  4. ohthumbelina
    terrible rez iphone pics but I couldn’t wait to see what we made together.

  5. liartownusa:

    Resolution de Amor by Deborah Bronzewillis. Part of Harlequin’s “Hot Decisions” series featuring Los Angeles City Councilman Lee Hernandez.


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    Andy reaser

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  7. ohthumbelina:

    Photo by Andy Reaser, who is SO nice and extremely talented in a number of ways

    So grateful we got to shoot. Thanks for a great day!

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  9. davallone:

    I wrote this on a friend’s thread on Facebook. I was tired of hearing a lot of bizarre, uninformed nonsense about what health insurance is and is not, and I thought it might be helpful to just break it down to facts. The post got passed around a little bit and so I was encouraged to share it here….

    well put

  10. twin peaks territory